Benefits of working with Fashion Talks

Fostering Creativity and Diversity Nationwide

Fashion Talks provides a vibrant platform for models, designers, makeup artists, photographers, and creatives to connect, learn, and grow. Our focus on diversity ensures opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds, nurturing a rich tapestry of creativity.

Supporting Local Businesses and Diverse Entrepreneurs

Supporting us means supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs in Cleveland and embracing the diverse communities of both Cleveland and New York City. We celebrate unique voices, empowering small businesses and creatives to flourish in the dynamic fashion landscape.

Empowering the Cleveland and NYC Communities

We spotlight diverse creatives  in Cleveland and New York City, catalyzing growth and positively impacting both cities' economies. Through inclusivity, we unite diverse backgrounds, creating an empowered, interconnected fashion community that transcends geographic boundaries. 

Meet aimon

With a rich background as a fashion entrepreneur, Fashion Runway Show Producer, Stylist, and Creative Director hailing from Toronto, Canada, Aimon has now found her home base in Cleveland, Ohio. Her 8+ years of experience in the Canadian Fashion Industry have taken her to various cities like Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and Vancouver, leaving a trail of successful events in her wake.Upon her arrival in Cleveland, Aimon embarked on a mission to explore and invigorate the city's creative industry with the fashion she deeply adored and understood. She quickly recognized the abundance of incredible creatives with stunning work, yet a lack of outlets for elevated fashion experiences.

Determined to make a transformative impact, Aimon set her sights on bringing elevated and diverse fashion events not only to Cleveland but also to the bustling fashion scene in New York City. She aims to create events that resonate on a national scale, events that embody diversity, quality, high fashion, and unwavering support for the community.Through her passion for inclusivity and diversity, Aimon is dedicated to curating events that transcend boundaries, celebrating the unique perspectives of creatives from all backgrounds. With a focus on uniting both the Cleveland and New York fashion communities, she aspires to build bridges that empower and elevate the fashion landscape, fostering connections that enrich the industry on a national level. 

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FT Contributors

Each year Aimon curates teams specific to the projects and events being held.

Fashion Talks provides a platform for creatives, models, designers, makeup artists, and photographers,  to connect, learn, and grow. Our focus on diversity ensures opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds, nurturing a rich tapestry of creativity.

Aimon works year-round on events and collaborates and partners with different individuals and organizations for each event rather then a year-long team. 

Runway 2024 Team

Producer - Aimon Ali
Decor - Glow Events Cle 

Coming Soon

Fashion Talks Intern Team

Olivia Huff
Lauren Gepfert
Cristina Dakdouk
Sarai Murdock
Sundus Riaz
Vanessa Onia
Chloe Seeley
Carli Sison
Ann Rey
Chloe Buzzelli
Katie Svenson
Ciane Mims
Kylie Deatherage
Lauryn Carr
Tyana Barton
Yamini Kumar

runway 2023 Contributors

Dain Jeon

Lead Stylist 

Gabbie Mae

Lead Photographer 

Corey Embring

Lead Videographer 

Mariama Garba

Lead  Makeup Artist 

Katie Kim

Lead  Hair Stylist 

Fashion Talks Magazine

Maria McGinnis

Editor in Chief

Holly Baumgartl

Art Director

Alex Gray

Lead Videographer 

Aditi Ganti 


Sara Crawford



Emily Romano

Marina Di Franco

Janae Gibson

Cecelia Kirk

Kendall K. Toppin

Zharia McGlothin