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Welcome to the Fashion Talks Blog! We hope you are having a wonderful start to the new year, and we thank you for checking out our first blog post! This post is dedicated to giving you an overview of Fashion Talks as well as some background on the Founder/CEO, Aimon Ali.


What is Fashion Talks?

In a few words, Fashion Talks is a fashion services and events agency. This means we produce events that are dedicated to networking, confidence-building, small business promotion and elevation, and generally giving a platform for creatives. Our goal is to connect creatives with one another and strengthen the fashion community in Cleveland as it steadily grows. If you follow us on Instagram, you have seen the various events we have hosted like the recent Holiday Arrangement Workshop or the Confidence + Money Mindset workshop from early October. On top of that, our annual fashion show has proven to be a community-building event that brings together creatives from every field through the common love for fashion and fashion shows.

Something we have been working hard to bring to life is our boutique services. We work with entrepreneurs and businesses to elevate their brand through styled shoots, coaching with our founder/ceo, Aimon, and web design and branding. Our website is your bestfriend for anyone looking for information on any of our events or services.

Aimon's Entrepreneur Journey

Toronto Life

Moving to Cleveland

Entrepreneurial endeavors and the conception of FT

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Toronto Life/ Before FT

Aimon’s journey started in a field completely unrelated to fashion; she started out as a psychology student in Toronto who simply thought of fashion as a hobby. She and a friend would message event pages on Facebook and ask to volunteer backstage for fashion shows, just for fun. Eventually, rather than being a volunteer, Aimon networked with enough people to the point where people would come to her to get connected with models, designers, photographers, and other creatives to help with running events. While she was steadily growing as an influencer in the Toronto fashion scene, she continued on her original career path in psychology as she started interning and pursuing her goals in that field.

Her fashion career was getting to the point where she was being invited to big events, getting paid to travel, and growing into a well known fashion influencer. However, she never treated fashion as a career, it was always a hobby and something she was exploring for fun. So, on top of her already growing influencer status, she got a job at her dream hospital and was dedicated to the point of spending two hours just commuting to the hospital. Everything in her life was going amazing, and she was finally reaching all of the goals she had wanted to fulfil. However, at the peak of Aimon’s psychology and fashion career, she moved to Cleveland…

Moving to CLE/ Other Entrepreneurial Endeavors 

At the same time that Aimon was finding success in her livelihood, she married her husband and had to move to Cleveland. At this point she had to drop everything and move to a city that felt nothing like Toronto, that had little to offer for a fashion influencer, and that didn’t have nearly as much diversity as she was used to. Here she decided to start her first business, Nomia Studio, an online jewelry boutique. There was a time where Aimon worked at a hospital but she quickly found that it just wasn’t the same as her job in Toronto and ultimately quit and shifted her focus to fashion only. 

After shifting focus, she decided to start doing pop-ups with Nomia Studio which was fun but again, incomparable to the types of markets she was used to attending. Wanting to create the thrill she was used to, Aimon decided to throw an event with Nomia Studio. However, again, there was a roadblock that she couldn’t work around. The day she got the venue confirmed for her event, Cleveland went on lockdown due to COVID-19.

COVID and the Beginnings of FT

Throughout Aimon’s career so far, she had met so many amazing women business owners who felt like they were incapable of managing their money and accounts. With this in mind, she decided to start her second business, Accounting Babes. This endeavor was dedicated to educating and empowering business women about their finances. However, in the back of her mind, Aimon knew that she didn’t want to do Nomia Studios or Accounting Babes forever; she was searching for something else. 

This is where Fashion Talks came into the picture. She wanted to host diverse, elevated fashion events like the ones she was used to attending back in Toronto. The whole time she had been in Cleveland she had been observing the immense creative talent that existed, but there was no one to put together events and showcase this talent. So she became that person; the person that promoted, empowered , and opened doors for creatives through events that were dedicated to bringing Cleveland’s creatives into the limelight.

The Runway

In January of 2021 she decided she was going to put on a fashion show by June of the same year. In less than six months, she put together a team of designers, models, photographers, videographers, etc. She set her sights and worked hard to make her vision come to life in a very short time period. The show ended up being a success with a full audience, sponsorships, and a team that worked very well together. But from here, she wanted to test the limits and see how far she could take Fashion Talks. 

So, the following year, 2022, she decided to reach a little higher and wanted to have a fashion show in the Cleveland Museum of Art. After several months of back and forth communication, the museum was booked and Fashion Talks was ready to test it limits in a higher capacity venue.After months of planning and putting together an even bigger team, the show was a huge success as it attracted creatives from all over Ohio and showcased lots of diverse work. This show really proved to Aimon that there was a place for Fashion Talks in Cleveland and that her services and events were needed in this city. 

Present Day Fashion Talks

Looking into the future, Aimon is seeking to offer Fashion Talks' services to its full potential and live up to its title as a fashion events and services agency. Not only will we continue to host our own events, we are looking forward to helping other brands reach their full potential through branding shoots, website elevation, coaching, and consulting. On top of that we offer full event services where we can provide the team, volunteers, and support to help anyone host their own events.  
Aimon is dreaming big and feeling god about the future of Fashion Talks and the potential it holds to reach an international audience. She is excited to see all of her visions come to life, to be able to help other business owners, and to become the person she always envisioned becoming. 

 "Just do the thing. Take the first step and let your ideas come to life."
-Aimon Ali


Aditi Ganti