Strengthening Cleveland 

We strengthen the Cleveland fashion landscape by producing events focused on networking and showcasing opportunities for small businesses and creatives in the fashion industry. 

We are soon to expand to New York and bring opportunities for both fashion communities.

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Styled Brand Shoots

A seamless, full-service photo shoot production to showcase & elevate your business visually. Tell the complete story of what your brand represents through photos that promote you and your team, your creative process, and your workplace. We also offer product photography for high-quality photos of your product.

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Coaching with Aimon

Fashion Talks Founder, Aimon Ali, will help you clear roadblocks in your journey as an entrepreneur. Coaching includes building leadership skills, creating business strategies, or improving mindset

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Our event service sources hair and makeup teams, volunteer teams, or even further event guidance so you can focus on building a successful event. 

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Check out our past events!

NBA All-Star Runway, Opening of the Black Vanguard at the Cleveland Museum of Art, Confidence + Money Mindset Workshop, and more!

Our Annual Runway

Coming Soon: The Runway 2023