The Runway 2023

Ladies of Influence

Lillian Kuri

Lisa La Force

Jing Lauengco


Nike Olabisi Green


Nomia Studio

Nomia Studio is dedicated to providing you the very best of everyday luxury, with an focus on quality over quantity. Our pieces are carefully selected by Aimon Ali our founder and certified stylist with over 7 years of experience in the Canadian and American fashion industry.

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Fiona Veronica F

Fiona Veronica, a highly esteemed luxury fashion brand, was established in 2014 in Toronto. Fiona was born in China and pursued her fashion studies in Canada. She then embarked on a modeling career and has experience modeling for well-known brands such as L’Oréal, SPC Card, Global TV, FAT Brands and CNE Ads. 

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Love Niki Boutique  

The collection is inspired by the phrase “variety is the spice of life.” This collection is for the woman who is a little eclectic in her style, enjoys trying new things but doesn’t necessarily follow trends and dresses with intention to feel confident and ready to take on her day or night.

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Hollingsworth Sole 

Hollingsworth Solie is a fine-quality Harlem Heritage brand. We’re Modern Luxe Lifestyle influenced by a rich cultural American heritage. We’re City Gentleman’s and Gentlewoman’s style that tips our hat to the Harlem Renaissance dress code. At the Fashion Talks Runway, we’re presenting our foundational categories, handmade shoes and leather goods, and we intend to give a view of our Bespoke Suiting, Cashmere Loungewear and Leather and Suede Outerwear.

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The collection is all about full-on glam. We curated this collection with the most essential elements of glam in mind. We went really heavy on the stones, metallics and ultra-feminine silhouettes. I started my career in the fashion industry with a brick-and-mortar boutique in Cleveland, Ohio specializing in women’s clothing. Currently, my primary focus is swimwear design and I hope to grow the swimwear brand to be the go-to for all women’s swim and resort needs. 


Esperanza Threads

The collection Esperanza Threads is presenting has been created by former students of our sewing training program. Each piece has been made entirely out of donated and recycled materials. Our students can show their creativity and grow their self-confidence by creating completed looks and pieces. 

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Back To You Designs

My collection brings new life to quilts and honors creativity through color, style and patterns that tell a story. Each piece incorporates a quilt or crochet blanket intentionally thrifted by me. The collection will display how upcycling can bring new life to quilts by creating wearable art. All handmade pieces are functional for everyday wear with an elevated edge for the runway. I aspire to be a part of slow fashion extending the life of heirlooms and collected quilts. 

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Gharam Faraj 

My name is Gharam Faraj, and I’m the owner and founder of Sharp Fabrics, an online retailer and design consultant for high-fashion couture fabrics and gowns. We have been featured in award-winning designs across the country. I have been designing and consulting on gowns for over 15 years. Three years ago, I decided to take a leap of faith in myself and my skill to start Sharp Fabrics. Starting a fabric retail business, where I sell exquisite fabrics and design couture pieces has always been a dream of mine. This is just the beginning and I hope to grow my business and inspire women all around the world to know that they can do anything their heart desires. 

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