Get To Know The Interns!


Throughout the year, Fashion Talks works with a diverse group of interns who help with anything from social media to running events to attending NYFW. This year's interns all coincidentally ended up being students at Kent State University which is really close to Cleveland where Fashion Talks is based. In the blog, we will be getting to know each intern from their role with Fashion Talks to their hidden talents. 


First  up is Cece! Cece is a Fashion Merchandising major with a minor in Fashion Media. Cece found out about Fashion Talks because of the 2022 Runway show, and credits Fashion Talks with giving her the opportunity to learn about different aspects of the fashion industry, working with a team, and defining her career goals. She even got to attend NYFW with Aimon and a few other interns! Lastly, a fun fact is that Cece loves fashion styling, up-cycling, photography, anything vintage, and music!


Another intern who went to NYFW with Fashion Talks was Emily (insta: @_emilyromano_)! Emily is majoring in Fashion Design. Emily heard about Fashion Talks through a former intern, Rachel Stauffer, and even got to volunteer during the 2022 Runway show. Emily has learned a lot about the fashion industry through her time with Fashion Talks as a sponsorship outreach and NYFW relations intern. She has found that working with Aimon and the Fashion Talks team has helped her become more confident in her role within the fashion industry. Emily’s fun fact is that she went to Las Vegas over spring break with her mom for a Barry Manilow concert!


Next we have Janae (instas: @janaechenelleex2, @lmaniacnailz, @chenelletheestylist) who is majoring in Fashion Merchandising with a minor in Sustainability. She heard about Fashion Talks through a friend and also got to attend the 2022 Runway show. Interning with Fashion Talks has shown her the importance of networking and showing off your creativity. Janae has had the opportunity to create lots of digital content for Fashion Talks which goes along with her passion for creating digital outfits to show off her styling abilities!


Kendall, a Fashion Design major, also heard about Fashion Talks through a past intern, Sarang Moore. Kendall’s social media and outreach tasks have helped her connect with Cleveland based companies for Fashion Talks to collaborate with. She’s also been able to connect and network with a lot of inspiring and influential people through Fashion Talks events. Kendall’s fun fact is that she has a twin brother!


Unlike most of the fashion interns this year, Marina (instas: @marinadifranco, @marinadifrancoart) is majoring in Visual Communication Design with a minor in User Experience Design. She heard about Fashion Talks from a friend who modeled in the 2022 Runway show. Marina has had a large role in designing and updating the Fashion Talks website, blog posts, and the upcoming app. Working with Fashion Talks has shown her that success comes to those who are creative, determined, and willing to overcome the difficulties of working in a competitive field. If Marina could do one thing for the rest of her life, she would paint and do traditional art.


Next,  we have Zharia (insta: @zharia_elizabeth)! She is majoring in Fashion Merchandising with a minor in Public Relations. She heard about Fashion Talks during the 2022 Runway model calls; she wasn’t able to model in the show, so she applied to work as an intern for the year. Interning for Fashion Talks has opened her eyes to the abundance of opportunities in the fashion industry, and networking opportunities through PR/ social media. Zharia is actually a Youtube and TikTok influencer where she documents her college life and natural hair tutorials!


Last, but not least, Aditi (@aditiganti,! Aditi is majoring in Fashion Design with a minor in Textiles. Aditi heard of Fashion Talks through a past intern, Olivia Meyer, and wanted to join the team to learn more about the event planning side of the fashion industry. She has written all of the 2023 blog posts and is looking forward to interviewing designers for the 2023 Runway magazine! Fashion Talks has taught her that there is a lot more that happens behind the scenes that most people see or know about. She is looking forward to studying in NYC and Italy, and attending SANYFW!